May 22, 2021

10 Eco-Friendly Swaps to Start Making a Difference Tomorrow

Starting is always the hardest part. With consistent daily practice and the right investments, these 10 eco-friendly swaps will become a part of your routine before you know it. Make a difference tomorrow and save money overtime with following swaps:

1. Reusable Water Bottle Instead of One-Time Use

By now we’re all aware that a majority of the plastic produced by humans end up in either landfills or nature (by nature we mean our soil, our air and our water). This may be the easiest swap in the game! Our favorite insulated water bottles are Yeti and Hydro Flask. A BPA-free glass water bottle we recommend is Soma. For every bottle purchased, Soma donates water to their nonprofit partner to support safe drinking water projects globally.

2. Wool Laundry Balls Instead of Dryer Sheet

Parachute’s Wool Dryer Balls soften fabrics and decrease drying time by up to 50%. Better yet, skip the dryer and try line drying! Line drying can help you save even more on utility bills. According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. air-drying clothes can reduce the average household’s carbon footprint by a whopping 2,400 pounds a year.

3. Refillable Containers by HumanKind for Daily Hygiene Products

by HumanKind designs personal care products with your daily routine in mind. It’s their mission to reduce single use plastic waste in your everyday hygiene routine by using products that are kind to your body and planet. Their subscription daily routine and dental sets make for an easy swap on more than one part of your routine. 

4. Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags from Baggu Instead of Plastic

Not only does Baggu offer reusable shopping bags and accessories of all sizes, but they make eco-friendly swaps even easier with their eye for design. Save the planet in style by investing in a set of their reusable bags.

5. Walk or Ride a Bike Instead of Driving

Air pollution fell dramatically in cities worldwide as the COVID-19 pandemic immensely slowed down travel. LA residents even saw a rare sight of the San Gabriel mountains in smog-free skies. We saw the positive impact the shut-downs of COVID-19 had on the planet. Walking or riding your bike makes for great exercise and decrease in air pollution instead of driving when applicable.

6. Switch to Tree-Free Toilet Paper

We cut down over 16 million trees every year for toilet paper contributing to deforestation. Betterway is 100% bamboo TP that is better for you and the planet! Bamboo grows 10-20x faster than trees making it a super renewable resource.

7. Reusable Coffee Cup Instead of One-Time Use

Did you know at most coffee shops you can get a small discount for bringing your own eco-friendly reusable cup? Better yet, invest in an insulated cup and your favorite morning drink will stay hot or cold for longer. We recommend the Yeti Rambler Mug.

8. Make Fashion Eco-Friendly & Repeat Your Outfits

Fast fashion is out and sustainable fashion is in. Start a capsule closet with quality, multiple wear pieces to create smart outfits you can wear more than once.

9. Reusable Bags (Stasher Bags) Instead of One-Time Plastic Use Bags

Join Stasher Bags’ mission to prevent over 1 billion single-use plastic bags from entering our oceans and landfills by eliminating your single plastic bag use. Invest in their colorful bag-packs or starter-kits to uplevel your daily routine in a way that gives back to the planet. 

10. Buy Less Plastic When Grocery Shopping and Invest in Reusable Produce Bags

Next time you go grocery shopping, take a look at the produce, food and beverages you are purchasing. How much is sealed in plastic wrap? A plastic container or bag? More than you think. Make conscious decisions while grocery shopping and purchase reusable produce bags to reduce waste.


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