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August 2, 2021

Marketing Agency vs. Sales Agency: The Difference

The most common question we receive as a marketing agency is, “What will my return on investment (ROI) be”?

As a matter of fact, every business wants the most return on investment from dollars put into marketing. While marketing and sales go hand in hand, a sales and marketing agency are different. 

Why Hiring a Marketing Agency Is Important

First, marketing lays the groundwork for the sales process. This includes attracting leads and prospects to a business. Every brand must have a strong branding and strategy if they want to draw an emotional connection with their consumers. It is only then that sales can benefit a business to the highest potential.

Here’s a brief example:

Imagine you are booking your next vacation. You are browsing Airbnb for a place to stay. Are you going to choose the Villa with unclear iPhone pictures, little to no details and 0 reviews? Or, in contrast, are you going to choose the Villa with the high-quality DSLR pictures, comprehensive details and consistent 5-star reviews?

The second Villa is more likely to spark an interest or emotional connection. Due to clean design and a strong strategy for consistent visits, the second Villa achieves more sales.

How the Sales Process Works

Now that we’ve established marketing as the first step to getting leads interested, where does sales come in? Sales will take the interest from a lead and nurture it to make a profit. It’s a sales team or agencies responsibility to close the captured lead and make an offer. This may be executed through an automated sales process or through dialogue with a sales contact. In short, if performed well, the offer then turns into a successful sale.

What if a sale doesn’t result in a profit? Let’s go back to the Airbnb example.

If the first Villa started to run advertisements to their Airbnb posting, do you think they’d make a strong return on investment? No.

There are many reasons the advertisements don’t work in this example. The most obvious being the lack of strong marketing and design. Overtime, this strategy results in a loss of money spent.

How Sales & Marketing Agency Work Together

It’s important to note that the clear and succinct offer is typically derived from a strategy by a marketing agency. First, an offer evokes an emotional connection through clean design and pure focus on a solution. Then, a sales team or marketing sales process advances a lead to a potential customer.

As shown above, strong marketing efforts spark an increased interest in product or services. Ultimately, gaining qualified leads interested in why they need to purchase from a brand. On the other hand, weak marketing efforts lead to a loss of interest in product or services (and money).

All in all, if you are trying to make money and find success in your business without a solid brand foundation, it’s going to be a long and costly road for you.

At the end of the day, you have to spend money to make money. Making an investment in strong brand identity, design and strategy will result in less headaches and quick profit to be made.

Work With Us

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