August 23, 2022

Color Combinations to Inspire Your Next Design

Written & Edited by: Riley Fouts

A brand’s colors and design can say a lot about it. Because customers’ perceptions are at the forefront of a brand and what it’s made of, color palettes need to appeal to a brand’s audience – and therefore hold a lot of power. It’s a color that makes your audience feel a certain way, even in different shades; a bright vibrant shade of red could bring on feelings of anger, while a deep rich shade could evoke passion or romance. Whether we like it or not, color has the potential to make or break a brand solely based on the emotion that it evokes. Today we thought we’d share three unique and *successful* color combinations that belong to our very own clients, while also explaining how we harmonize brand concepts and visions with these color combos.

Simple and Sleek Design

For something minimal, modern and polished, Fierce Jewelry Co is a perfect example. We set out to find a color combination for this business that would serve as the backdrop to their stunning luxury gold jewelry (aka the “wow” factor we want consumers to focus on). The color palette is a mixture of solely the basics: Soft Black, Smoky White, Light Nude and Fierce Gray. We incorporate these colors into a black and white contrast theme, white and bright clean photography and a classic no-frills aesthetic, connecting with consumers who aspire to give off this sleek vibe (while also allowing the dainty jewelry to shine – literally and figuratively 😉). 

Fun and Bold Design

For a more fun and playful design, Pure Kure, a skincare company whose main product is tea for those struggling with hormonal breakouts, definitely fits the bill. Their color palette is simple at first glance – because black and white serves as the perfect foundation for brands looking to grow their flavor or product portfolio – but has a whole lot of color once you dive in. Currently, they offer three different types of tea, each flavor with its own corresponding color: teal for Morning Radiance, pink for Berry Luminous and purple for Moonlight Glow. These colors are bright and bold on their own but also pair well together, highlighting the lively and confident nature of PK, its founders and the consumers who support them. 

Earthy and Natural Design

For some neutral and natural color combination inspiration, look no further than our client Live Better. This brand offers health and wellness experiences. Their founders creating systems of health for you to move, eat, think, give and ultimately live better. Four colors make up this earthy mix: Soft Black, Best Day Ever Green (think army green), Sand and Light Gray. Live Better is centered around holistic health and wellbeing, so we wanted to emphasize that in our design process, combining colors that reflect the grounded nature of the brand. This color combo also came together from their mood board (which is something we create for all clients!) with charcoal black accents, softer neutral tones to balance and warm and clear imagery. 

The Power of Color

Color palettes are not always at the forefront of the agenda when thinking about branding or design. However, brand colors say a lot about the brand itself, their offerings, beliefs, visions, and overall brand image. They can make a brand blend in with others or stand out from the crowd. When working with clients, we put a lot of time and energy into creating the perfect color combination for their brand because we know how much this seemingly basic aspect can sway an audience and play into their emotions. Our hope is that our clients’ color palettes help to uniquely define them, leading conscious consumers to connect emotionally with these brands and a holistic outlook of bettering our health, our planet and our future.


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