September 23, 2022

Lessons By Isla Luna: Living Sustainably

Written by: Riley Fouts

Sustainability is a buzzword, yes – but what does it mean?

A series exploring and shedding light on the many issues (and for us — marketing schemes!) that surround climate change to help consumers make more conscious decisions on a regular basis.

Lesson 02 – What it Means to Live Sustainably

Our Perspective

We are finally back with our second lesson (after an ~unintentional~ lengthy break)! Today’s talk is sustainability. From the very beginning of Isla Luna, sustainability was ingrained into our business plan and goals for three reasons. The first is our commitment to bring conscious brands who are doing good for people and the planet to light. Second, we aspire to show other business owners the importance of building a sustainable marketing plan. The third, and probably most important, reason is our dedication to helping others live a sustainable lifestyle. Because where’s the balance in the “hustle”? (Hint: there is none and we want to change that. 😉)

Sustainable Reliable Brands

We do our best to work with brands that offer products and services that consumers can count on Whether it be hearty and healthy granola bars, 14k Italian gold jewelry, fun and curated workouts, and so much more. We recognize that sustainability is a journey, and we support brands whose commitments and values are true and transparent. Sometimes that means they are 100% clean and sustainable from the start, and other times it means they are in the process of fulfilling those 100% clean and sustainable goals but may not have the financial resources to get there. On the note of transparency, we are also eager to work with brands who may not have been sustainable in the past but are looking to make changes towards a greener company and more eco-friendly world moving forward (because this is just as notable!).

Sustainable Marketing Plan

The next way sustainability is rooted in the core of our business is within the marketing plans we compose for clients. We work with clients to help them create a process that is manageable for them, their business and their lifestyle. We want to ensure that we are helping streamline the process instead of making it more complicated, from helping clients create email automations for when someone visits their online presence to helping them create a social strategy and omnichannel experience. Essentially, we help our clients save time and energy from a marketing standpoint so they can spend more time on their business and craft, doing what they do best! 

Sustainable Routines & Lifestyles

Another one of our main goals is to help others carry out a more sustainable lifestyle (keyword: more… because it’s basically impossible to live totally sustainably). We happily admit that we are not perfect in this regard, but we believe that taking small steps and gradually introducing eco-friendly products and processes into your routine counts for something. In the end, we hope our work inspires consumers to become conscious ones – ones that are aware of their purchases and surroundings and the impact of these elements on their health, the planet and our future. 

You Have Our Support!

With sustainability, sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where to start. Whether you are a consumer looking for daily tips or a brand seeking more extensive help, we’ve got you covered. Encouraging a sustainable shift in consumers is only made possible if there are sustainable brands to support… and these brands are brought to light by companies like Isla Luna, where we pride ourselves on offering inspirational marketing strategies to initiate this change. If you are a brand with holistic health beliefs in need of some marketing guidance, we are taking new clients starting in 2023! We’d love nothing more than to fill the world with more impact-driven brands 🙂


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