October 16, 2023

The Ins & Outs of the VIP Starter Kit

Written by: Riley Fouts

We recently launched a new package for clients known as our VIP Starter Kit! We like to explain it as more of an expedited and affordable version of our other two options (The Total Deep Dive and the Budget Friendly Package) — great for businesses that need a little extra help getting off the ground, or who need a quick rebrand to take their brand to the next level. Basically, aside from our initial prep meetings, we create an elevated look for your brand (usually in the form of a website) in one. single. day.

Here’s how it works:

1. Inquiry Form

All of our projects start with this step! You can access our inquiry form here, but it is also on our website or if you find us through Instagram, the link can be found in our bio 🙂

Post-inquiry form activities include booking a discovery call to learn more about you + your business (& sharing more about us here at Isla Luna Studio), as well as sending over a questionnaire for you to organize your thoughts. The questions included are all about where your business is currently at, your hopes + dreams for future growth and making an impact. 

Read more RE our perspective on booking new clients here.

If there is mutual agreement to move forward, we will send over our brochure and a proposal for you to review. And once it’s signed… we are official! Your project has begun!

2. Strategy Meeting(s)

The next step for VIP Starter Kits is to schedule two strategy meetings that typically last about an hour each. Here we will dive deeper into your business based on the information provided in your questionnaire, learning more about who you are, what your brand is (and strives to be), when you started, where you are located and most importantly… why. Why do you do what you do? Why are you different? Why should consumers choose you over others? 

The information we learn in these meetings is what propels us into a successful VIP Day, so we set out to explore all avenues to arrive at all the answers. Read more on why strategy is so important to us here.

During these sessions, other major elements we will present are a mood board, a website sitemap and a new + improved color palette — all three curated by our team specifically for your brand.

*Side note: Sometimes we are so productive in the first strategy meeting that we don’t need another! In that case, we can skip the second one and get started on your project even sooner 🥳

3. Your VIP Day

After our strategy session(s), we will book your VIP Day — where everything we have been preparing for comes to life in just one day! All we ask from you on this day is about an hour of your time in the early afternoon to go through your brand’s strategy from our team’s lens (that serves as the foundation for website copy), as well as first looks at a logo reveal! Before we proceed into more permanent territory, we like to run our ideas by clients to ensure you are liking our developments as much as we are.

Once we receive your feedback and the OK to move forward, we will build out your website with the mood board in mind, elevated color palette, fresh copy, an improved logo and other enhancing elements to create the truest representation of your brand.

And all of this is completed in one day! We will be completely finished with your new website when the clock strikes midnight 😉

4. VIP Day Presentation

The whole purpose of this next meeting is to show off your new website and introduce to you, the new you! And while we are open to any + all feedback, we can only make minor changes at this stage — anything beyond that will be charged at an hourly rate as an add-on service.

*Side note: We usually schedule final presentations to be at least a day after your VIP Day to allow the results to sink in and make any last minute changes on our end. 

5. Next Steps

After any small changes are made and given your go-ahead, we will help you push your website live! We’ll also send a follow-up email with anything left undone / unsaid, such as purchasing fonts, options for ongoing work, a feedback form and tips + tricks for your website platform.

And that’s the gist of our new expedited package! While we create the website in a day, the process as a whole typically takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks — depending on our availability and client urgency + responsiveness. 

Click the following links to view some of our recent VIP Starter Kit projects: SaltDrop, Antonio Vaglica and Love Letters to Bad Luck.

If you are an impact-driven brand on a tight timeline / budget or simply need some branding to get your feet off the ground, don’t hesitate to reach out! Here is our inquiry form again — we can’t wait to meet you!

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