Sand & Sol Swimwear

Branding Strategy & Design

Fashion & Lifestyle

Sand&Sol is a luxury, eco-friendly swimwear built by and worn by wxmen. Just like you can’t have sand without sun (sol) - they believe your swimwear should be created to look better on you and the environment. That is why they’ve created a sustainable yet luxury, inclusive swimwear brand from recycled fishnets that lasts you a lifetime. 

Website Strategy & Design

Social Media Strategy

Our impact

Branding Identity & Website

The Conscious Shift to Sustainable Success

Refreshed brand identity and website to reflect core sustainable truths 

SuStainable Education

Improved brand strategy 

UPcylcing program

New brand strategy, process & playbook for consistent marketing practices

Ongoing customer education on sustainable practices across all digital platforms

Created a new upcycling swimwear program by providing customers a free bottle of reef-safe sunscreen for every swimwear recycled to Sand&Sol

*fictitious brand created by Isla Luna 
*swimwear photography by Ivan Ozerov