July 15, 2022

The Inconvenient Truth of Going Green

Written by: Riley Fouts

Another week, another post on sustainability! Why? We’re passionate about creating a healthier planet just as much as we love marketing and branding. However, going green takes time, effort and usually more resources – i.e. money ;). We’ll talk about some ways around these obstacles, but for now, some inconvenient truths of going green are… 

… Higher Costs.

The glaring difference about buying sustainable products is that it will more likely than not put a dent in your wallet. Products and services that are better for our planet generally are made with more effort, in more equitable facilities and of higher quality.1 These are the things you are paying “extra” for when you shop sustainably. Although their pieces are an investment, our client Fierce Jewelry Co. offers handmade pure gold jewelry that is ethically sourced and won’t ever tarnish! 

… Less Convenience.

Let’s be honest – going green is less convenient.1 You can’t rely on your local grocery or convenience store to carry Pure Kure skincare and tea or Omega 3 snacks. Many sustainable brands, like our two clients mentioned, can only be found online (on their own website) or in specialty stores (selling one or a few brands). Going green requires more effort and patience, whether it’s driving a few extra miles or waiting a few more days for the item to arrive in the mail. 

… Breaking Habits.

Parting ways with goods that harm the environment and switching to those that protect it is a big change.1 But change is good (as hard as it may be)! Going green involves a different mindset, one where you are constantly questioning and researching the things you are putting in, on and around your body. It’s easy to slip back into old ways of thinking – and trust us, we have experienced the challenge in breaking routines – but recognizing these flawed patterns is a step in the right direction.

… New Relationships.

From a business perspective, deciding to implement eco-friendly practices probably means you need to form new relationships with vendors/partners that believe in a clean planet.2 You might also need to reconnect with your team members to align individual and company goals. These are not things that will happen overnight, making the process of going green all the more time-consuming and occasionally stressful. 

Navigating the Obstacles

The first piece of advice we want to share is that moderation is key. It’s almost impossible to live a completely green lifestyle – unless you have unlimited time and money on your hands (which no normal person does). Taking small steps counts for something, even if it’s just purchasing reusable bags to use at the grocery store or switching out one go-to makeup product with a sustainable one.

At the end of the day, it is important to surround yourself with people that have similar beliefs about protecting the planet and holistic health. This could even mean following social media accounts run by people and businesses that value sustainability, just like ours! We highlight the sustainable brands we work with while also offering ideas on how to be the best conscious consumer. Sustainability can be a daunting concept, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions! 


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