June 30, 2022

3 Ways the Luxury Market is Becoming More Environmentally Friendly

Written by: Riley Fouts

Today’s hot topic is sustainability, and the luxury market, in particular, is making great strides towards becoming more environmentally friendly.

Eco Friendly Materials

Firstly, the main way luxury brands are being mindful of the materials they use is through deadstock (aka leftover fabric)2. In other words, they are hopping on the thrifting bandwagon by reusing old material and making it into something new. Some companies are even reselling luxury deadstock. Therefore, everyday designers are able to purchase it at a discounted price – simultaneously stimulating the economy.

Other green materials have begun to make their way into luxury clothing and accessories. Regenerated leather fiber, recycled nylon from old fishing nets and mycelium – (the root structure of mushrooms!) are a few examples.

External Partnerships

Whether hiring a sustainability team or partnering with an organization, most brands lean on outside support to protect our planet. For example, some have even partnered with companies like Eco Age that offer professional expertise regarding sustainability concerns2. New hires have led companies to go as far as rethinking their purpose. Gen Z’s question everything (which we love!). From what goes into their products, to how society is impacted, every aspect matters.

Environmentally Friendly & Authenticity

Brands are beginning to highlight the detail in the process of creating x, y, z product. Showcasing the work of artisans, designers and developers behind the scenes are now a part of every brand story3. Consumers are increasingly more aware of how buying behaviors affect our health, planet and the future. They want transparency on what goes into each product, how it is made and where it comes from. Above all, the premise of ~authenticity~ is to be honest (despite where on the path to sustainability one may be)1.

Fierce Jewelry Co, a luxury gold jewelry brand, is a client of our that exemplifies a sustainable luxury brand. They create hand-crafted jewelry pieces made from 100% pure Italian, Turkish or American gold. With worries over global warming, energy usage and pollution, we can look forward to the gradual re-imagination of luxury brands. Don’t hesitate to contact us if this is something your brand is passionate about. We are always looking to expand our client base while also bettering our planet!


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