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July 7, 2023

5 Recent Trends in Our Industry

Written by: Riley Fouts

Throughout the past few years, the marketing and branding industry has seen immense growth. Today we’re sharing five of the latest trends that have gained widespread popularity and that we have also tapped into at Isla Luna.

1. Interactive Content

Interactive content is not only responding to comments and polling consumers, but it also relates to website & logo design, contests & giveaways, email marketing, branding, and more. It is anything that engages the audience to do more than simply read words on a page or blankly stare at an image. This is something we strive for when building websites / platforms for clients (*ahem* Speir Pilates new web launch) – grabbing customers’ attention through curated and thoughtful design, telling a story, and truly showcasing the product / service. We’ve also been giving more love to Isla Luna’s IG account, posting more spur-of-the-moment conversational videos, polling followers on our stories, and releasing sneak peeks of new client work.

2. Artificial Intelligence

While some may think AI is going to replace creatives or our industry in general, we believe the complete opposite – we don’t think a robot could ever replace human talent & intuition or the unique perspectives we bring to the table. We see it as more of a collaborative tool than a competitor – enabling us to create on deeper levels and challenging us to think differently. One of our current favorites from a design perspective is a new Adobe AI tool that generates high quality edits in less time – perfect for creating mockups for clients and social media posts for us.

3. Short Video Format Content

So long to the days of hour-long YouTube videos and hello to 15-second TikToks and even shorter Instagram reels. Today’s society is obsessed with quick reads, concise messages, and brief videos, feeding into our short attention spans & overbooked schedules. Here at Isla Luna, we have given into the fast-paced content consumption trend between developing content for clients and focusing on our own brand’s endeavors – building GIFs into website design and keeping videos short & sweet. We also like to emphasize that experimentation is valued & not frowned upon… because you never know when taking a chance could make you a viral sensation!

4. Search Engine Optimization

SEO has become a necessity when it comes to the success of a brand’s online presence. In website configurations, SEO can lead to heightened visibility and trust between the company and consumer by attracting more organic traffic & appearing at the top of search results. On social media, users are drawn to posts and stories with alt text – content that gets straight to the point ~no BS~. Not to mention, it’s now easier than ever to “Google” anything by asking our BFFs Alexa and Siri (instead of accessing a device and physically typing in the search). One last plus is that SEO is cheaper than paid advertising because it requires time and resources vs. cost-per-click and/or impression charges. A win on all levels!

5. Influencer Marketing

The #1 influence behind consumers’ purchases is based on peers or trusted individuals. Influencer marketing capitalizes on this nature because influencers have already established themselves as trusted voices in various niches – their followers looking to them for advice and essentially “wanting to be them.” So, if they make a suggestion or swear by a purchase, the followers are following. Whether these influencers are big personalities on common social media platforms or micro-influencers in smaller markets, brands look to them to target their audience more effectively, tell compelling stories, and ultimately bring in sales.

Being brand owners ourselves, we know how hard it is to stay on top of trends and keep content current. Some approaches we’ve taken recently are building templates for a more streamlined design process, doing deep dives on new concepts, and stalking aspirational accounts on social platforms for inspo (don’t worry, you’re not the only one 😉). If you’re a conscious brand struggling to stay trendy and/or looking to upgrade your digital and physical identity, we are here to help! Simply fill out this form or email us at to get started.

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