March 23, 2024

How We Balance Authenticity v. Trendiness

Written by: Riley Fouts

At Isla Luna Studio, we aren’t just trying to create the next big brand. We set out to craft brand brands and create an experience that feels unique yet timeless, and rooted in humanity. Here’s an inside look at how we do it:

Brand strategy sessions

The first step in every project, no matter how big or small, is understanding and identifying the story behind the brand. It’s crucial we truly get to know our clients and who they are through strategic brand questionnaires and workshopping sessions — uncovering their why, their purpose, and more. We even get down to the nitty gritty… but you’ll just have to inquire to work with us to find out the rest 😉 

Through this process, we are able to absorb everything you provide us, and then showcase it through your brand’s online presence and visual identity. It’s in our best interest to build a brand that feels 100% you online and matches the product or service you provide in real life.

Staying true to our roots

Although so much has changed since we started this biz back in 2021, we continually find ourselves gravitating towards the things that mattered most in the beginning. A primary example of this is the clients we work with — we always have & always will seek out brands that are impact-driven through the work they are doing or the products they sell. And we remind ourselves that just as much as a business inquires to work with us, it’s important that we feel a need to work with them as well.

Another perspective is the way in which our Isla Luna Studio aesthetic evolves, while it has modernized over the years, we always remain true to our elemental vibe – that sustainable, luxurious, natural, effortless, organic vibe it started as. Our brand came to fruition on a tropical getaway, so we deemed it only fitting to incorporate these elements into our everlasting brand identity. 

* Queue our latest rebrand photoshoot that we are SO excited to share more of *

Some other miscellaneous mantras we have lived by over the years are (1) small changes have the power to make great impact, (2) the earth is our home <3 (and it’s our collective responsibility to take care of it), (3) never settle and (4) there is great value in partnering & working alongside others with a similar mindset. Let’s be real — the list goes on and on, but these are a few of our favorites 🙂

Creating brands that stand out from the crowd

In today’s ever changing world, it can be so easy to get caught up in what’s trending or things that simply look pretty — and in full transparency, we’ve definitely fallen victim to this before 😅

But we are here to help you be mindful of those things, and instead, find more strategic ways for your brand to stand out from the crowd. Not only do we want you to find your place in today’s ~sometimes oversaturated~ marketplace, but we develop timeless solutions to grow alongside your business no matter where you’re destined to go in the future. There’s 8 billion people in this world and not one single human being like you! We’re so grateful to work with a handful of retainer clients that keep returning back to enhance elements of their brand that weren’t part of our initial feat, but have surfaced due to their amazing success!

Our impact-driven process is built around finding the best design solutions that will propel your business forward, because we’ve always been motivated by the opportunity to use sustainable marketing and design techniques to shape our world’s future. To us, it’s all about providing value and being yourself — because there is no other YOU or brand out there!

Evolving our processes

While we have our go-to platforms, apps and tools that we use on the daily, we keep an open mind towards new ones that will make our lives easier & more organized (and not to mention, help our business flourish!). 

Not only are we perpetually adapting our own way of doing things, but we strive to do the same on the client’s end — providing an accessible process custom to your own needs & desires, but one that is also value-driven, in alignment with your business plan and well worth the investment.

For some real life proof on how we overcome the authenticity v. trendiness battle within our business practices that directly correlates with client projects, read about some of our brand success stories!

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