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August 4, 2023

Who We Work With

Written by: Riley Fouts

One of the biggest differentiators between Isla Luna Studio and other marketing & design agencies is our team’s ability to cater our services to various clientele despite their industry, brand vision, or design style. From travel & lifestyle, health & wellness, food & beverage, fashion & beauty, and beyond, we deliver in-depth strategy and intricate design solutions to many types of brands. What unifies all of our projects is the shared aspiration and dedication to creating a better world – for both our people and our planet. But there are still a handful of ideal clients we love partnering with and we wanted to share them below:

Conscious Innovators

These clients are passionate about new ideas + thinking outside the box while also being mindful of how their innovations will impact their community, the environment, and the world around us. Some common ways to achieve this (for our clients at least) are through original and eco-friendly package design and offering emerging wellness-based services. For some examples of past + current brands we’ve worked with that we would classify as conscious innovators, check out Omega 3 and Fueled by AF for healthy tasty snacks that give back, Speir Pilates for inclusive pilates workouts for everybody, and the Institute of Soil & Soul, a regenerative farm growing the freshest produce and fostering kinder relationships between humans and the earth.

Community Builders

While this may be self-explanatory, community builders pertaining to Isla Luna’s clients are mainly travel & lifestyle brands cultivating a community and adopting sustainable habits, all while living out their passions. Two ideal client examples of this are Aubre Winters and Live Better, individuals who have grown their personal brands into tangible and online communities through offering authentic, consistent, and personalized support to their followers.

Empowering Influencers

These ~small but mighty~ brands offer unique and personalized services typically in the fitness, health and wellness space, helping others become their best self through manageable + sustainable practices. Some examples of past clients are Allyn Amerongen, a holistic health coach and visionary healer, and The Studio by Madison Rose offering virtual workouts focused on body positivity, belonging, and mindfulness. We are also getting ready to launch refreshed online presences for Ale Otero, founder of an online fitness platform designed to help reach goals and build community beyond just working out, and Megan Sheley, recipe developer and personal chef creating dishes for all dietary needs + sure to make your mouth water. 

Sustainable Style Leaders

Our last ideal client falls under the beauty and fashion space, encapsulating brands that value quality sourcing, environmentally-friendly operations, and are always striving towards a zero-waste business model. While this might sound intimidating, we don’t require clients to be 100% sustainable in all they do – just as long as they maintain a mindset of trying and align with our views on the topic 😊 Isla Luna clients under this realm are RMCM Salon, a modern Chicago-based hair salon built on creativity, collaboration, confidence, and community, Pure Kure, offering organic and ethically-sourced tea + skincare to improve overall well-being, and Fierce Jewelry Co., selling luxury gold jewelry at affordable prices made to last a lifetime.

It’s clear that we enjoy working with a wide range of clients and we feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to meet all of these amazing people. Each Isla Luna Studio client truly is so different, setting out to offer the world a product or service we are very much missing. In the end, it’s important to us to seek out brands who share our vision for making a positive + long-lasting impact. Inquire here if you think we might be a match!

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