August 18, 2023

A Reintroduction of Our Team

Written by: Riley Fouts

It’s time for an update on the Isla Luna Studio team — because it’s not just the two of us anymore! We work day and night to deliver the best strategies + visuals for our clients, and none of it would be possible without our small but mighty team! Read on to learn more about us 😊 

Kayle, Co-founder and Creative Director

Kayle’s favorite thing about working at our studio is helping a wide variety of impact-driven brands grow and having the opportunity to meet such remarkable entrepreneurs / humans along the way. One of her go-to sustainable brands is Liquid Death because of their clever marketing and branding that is *chef’s kiss* for the environment. In her opinion, a few of the best apps for our industry are Figma, Google Calendar and Notion for organization, usability and functionality. 

In five years, Kayle imagines LOTS for Isla Luna Studio — starting with earning a loyal following across channels and being a recognizable agency for sustainable + impact-driven branding and design. Our clients will be medium- to large-sized businesses that came upon us through various news outlets and press that feature our original, detailed and creative work. To combat this growth, we will have a small team of full-time employees that are all aligned with our mission and vision for the company and are kick-ass at what they do. Kayle hopes to develop a systematic process for our projects and email + social media marketing that allows us more free time to take on additional clients or travel the world. Her personal brand (along with Paige’s) will be solidified where she and Paige are role models and experts in the field, younger generations seeking advice on how to start and seasoned entrepreneurs seeking advice on how to grow.

Paige, Co-founder and Brand Director

Paige is deeply inspired by the opportunity sustainable marketing and design has to change and shape the future of the world. To her, the beauty of our luxury conscious brand studio is that we get to work with a variety of industries and learn about what else is out there, allowing our team to explore and tap into our creativity in ways we never imagined we would. Some of her summer staples as sustainable brands are Cadence, Rose Inc. and Mate the Label. She also recognizes the importance of using what she already has, a big quality > quantity girl. Paige’s favorite marketing + branding apps are Notion, HoneyBook, and Toggl for all things project management (organization), accountability and time tracking. 

Paige’s vision for Isla Luna Studio in five years is very similar to all of Kayle’s hopes and dreams. She pictures us as a notable brand in the industry, with some formal awards under our belt, constantly expanding our reach and our clientele continuing to up-level + grow with our team resources. We will continue to provide value for clients of all tiers — while full branding identity strategy + web projects will still be at our core, we’ll have a full Isla Luna Studio product suite where we provide templates, resources and free education for startups and entrepreneurs just beginning. Making marketing an *affordable* investment and a ~sustainable~ process for businesses no matter the stage they are at. We will develop extensions such as a consulting side to Isla Luna where we travel to businesses and speak, as well as a potential second business venture that is more passion-driven and allows us to flex a different creative muscle 😄 Paige is confident that as long as she and Kayle continue to follow their intuition, paired with genuine hard work, love, respect and honesty along the way… the sky is truly the limit! 

Caroline, Brand Manager

Caroline is one of the more recent additions to our team where she manages several social media accounts and assists with brand + social strategy, copywriting and content creation. She loves our lil team and how each member prioritizes health, wellness, and sustainability in their own unique ways! She also thrives in an environment where a work / life balance is strongly encouraged. A few of her favorite sustainable brands at the moment are OSEA, GoMacro and DL1961. It’s obvious her favorite industry-based app is Planoly, being our social media and content creator girly where she can stay organized and ensure each account’s feed matches their vibe + aesthetic. 

In five years, she envisions herself having traveled to several new places across the globe. She will be working with dream brands through Isla Luna Studio, obtaining more of a leadership role within the business and taking complete control of additional client social media accounts. She sees herself greatly expanding her network in the future and will be meeting / have met so many more wonderful people along the way.

Riley, Marketing Coordinator

Riley is also one of our newest additions, mainly helping with Isla Luna social media content, writing blogs, copywriting, and taking part in client VIP Days. She loves that everyday is different at our agency, getting the opportunity to work with new clients that offer vastly different things to the world — but always setting out to make it a better place. It brings her joy to see her work on display for others to see, that seemingly simple rush of adrenaline is like no other. She feels so lucky to be learning from Paige + Kayle, the best of the best, already noticing so. much. growth. from the time she started at Isla Luna until now. Riley’s current favorite sustainable brands are Kosas, Veja, and Outdoor Voices.

Five years down the road, she could see herself living in a big city, working full-time and remotely for our brand because she loves the flexibility of WFH (unless she ends up in Chicago 😅). She will be connecting with clients directly and accept greater responsibility within the agency, leading meetings and creative direction (similar to what Paige does now). Isla Luna will be more well-known, with a larger team, and won’t be able to keep up with the countless clients dying to work with us! She sees all the potential in our small business and can’t wait to see all we accomplish (both planned and unplanned) in the years to come.

But our team doesn’t end there. We feel fortunate to partner with so many other talented individuals, from SEO experts, to copywriters, animation artists, photographers, content creators, videographers, and more. While we set out to help other brands make an impact, we want to thank all those amazing humans who have made the biggest impact on our brand — we wouldn’t be nearly as powerful without you <3

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