September 1, 2023

Answering Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Written by: Riley Fouts

We get a lot of questions on the daily from prospect clients, current partners and simply curious individuals. So, this blog is a compilation of all of those questions in one place with our responses to each for easy access + convenience. Let’s get into it!

What are your main service offerings?

Our four main services are: 

  1. Brand identity, design + strategy
  2. Website UI / UX, strategy + design
  3. Organic campaigns + content strategy
  4. Packaging design, templates + beyond

Read more specifics about each one here!

What type of clients do you typically work with?

Our ideal types of clients fall under the following four categories: conscious innovators, empowering influencers, sustainable style leaders and community builders. However, we do not limit our clients to specific industries and have worked with all types of other brands — from financial advisors, to motivational blog writers, to wedding planners, to organic farms, and lots more! The commonality between all of our clients is that they set out to create impact for people, the planet and the community around them. Take a more in-depth look at our ideal clients in this other recent blog post!

How much does it cost to work with you?

Our costs are based on project scope and brand equity — we offer our core foundational services starting at $10k, with our all-in full branding, strategy and website projects priced at $25k+. We also provide an accelerated package for emerging entrepreneurs that is priced starting at $5k. It’s our goal to create high quality work but also be accessible wherever you may be on your brand-building journey. When you devote time + money towards genuine and experienced marketing guidance (like ours!), your investment proves to be worth it not only in attracting conscious consumers but leading you on your brand’s journey towards sustainable success. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! These are again based on project scope and each client’s needs + desires. In full transparency, we require a 25% down payment for all clients upon signing the proposal and the rest of project payment plans are scheduled based on personal preference and timeline of project.

What is the process once I start working with you? How quickly can I start?

We book a quarter in advance so the sooner you inquire about a project the better! We sometimes have project spots that open up every now and again so we encourage you to inquire as soon as you know about your project, that way we can work with your timeline for launch.

Once you do inquire, we will reach out to set up a discovery call where you can tell us about your business and we will fill you in on ours. If our goals align and we decide it’s a match, we will send over a proposal + timeline. Once that is signed, we will formally kick off the project, involving a questionnaire and us learning the various ins and outs of your brand. We will then start to build out a brand strategy which will guide us in future design and visuals. We set meetings to review each major development and ensure everyone involved in our partnership is working towards the end goal. Once everything is finalized on our end, we run formal website testing + set a date for launch! We also offer ongoing support (from website, to social media, marketing assets + more!) at various price points depending on client desires post-launch. 

How long do projects take to complete?

Project lengths and timelines vary, from our new VIP Starter Kit (2-week accelerated project), to our Budget Friendly Package (8-12 weeks minimum), to our Total Deep Dive (12-18 weeks minimum). It really all depends on your personal plans + goals — we’ve even worked with clients who want to launch almost a year after kickoff. We consider our clients’ expectations first, and then work with them to create an agenda and project timeline that works for all parties involved.

Will you still be available to assist with marketing and branding needs after launch?

Yes! Similar to most other circumstances, we evaluate post-launch services on a client-by-client basis depending on what exactly they are hoping for and how long it would take us to accomplish.

What if I want just a logo or a quick design mockup? Or what if I already have a logo I want you to use for a web project? 

Unfortunately, we won’t ever just create a logo — in our eyes, it’s essential to develop brand strategy and uncover the client’s “why” before diving into the visual side of things. Through building brand strategy, we are able to connect to a deeper meaning that allows us to cultivate relationships with your intended audience and your story. 

If you already have an existing logo, we evaluate on a project-by-project basis in giving our honest opinion + recommendation if we feel like you need a new one (and if we feel like the project is a fit).

I’m interested in adding on services like a photoshoot or social media content — is that something you can help with?

Yes! We usually recommend booking a photoshoot for our clients to enhance their new online presence + identity, and we have photographers we partner with that can deliver on this (and go above and beyond, not to mention!). We also offer add-on services like content planning, webpage additions, custom coding and more depending on clients’ needs, in which we evaluate separately for each client (along with pricing).

If my website is on another platform other than Shopify, Squarespace or ShowIt, can I still work with you?

Yes! We are able to transfer content and domains from most website providers. If you have any questions or concerns, please provide us with details of your platform when you inquire and during our discovery call.

What if I’m not 100% sustainable? Can I still work with you?

Yes! You can still work with us even if you are not net zero! We understand firsthand that sustainability is a journey, so as long as you + your brand are committed to eco-friendly practices and making a positive impact on the world, we would love to work with you! 

What is our ROI when working with Isla Luna Studio?

The most common question we receive as a marketing agency is, “What will my return on investment (ROI) be?” As a matter of fact, every business wants the most return on investment from dollars put into marketing. While marketing and sales go hand in hand, a sales and marketing agency are different. 

First, a marketing agency lays the groundwork for the sales process. This includes attracting leads and prospects to a business. Every brand must have a strong branding and strategy if they want to draw an emotional connection with their consumers. It is only then that sales can benefit a business to the highest potential.

Here’s a brief example:

Imagine you are booking your next vacation. You are browsing Airbnb for a place to stay. Are you going to choose the Villa with unclear iPhone pictures, little to no details and zero reviews? Or, in contrast, are you going to choose the Villa with the high-quality DSLR pictures, comprehensive details and consistent 5-star reviews?

The second Villa is more likely to spark an interest or emotional connection. Due to clean design and a strong strategy for consistent visits, the second Villa achieves more sales.

While our clients have reported back amazing statistics based on our work (see below), here are some things that we directly help a brand do:

  • Increase leads and capture ideal audience groups
  • Grow business pipeline using brand assets 
  • Attract new customers and retain current customers to create community
  • Build relationships that directly impact the business
  • Increase revenue from successful marketing campaigns
  • Achieve new PR opportunities and features from growth in brand awareness

Key Statistics 

  • Fierce Jewelry Co. reported a remarkable 800% increase in sales since partnering with Isla luna Studio, and this growth trend continues. The FJC website has attracted over 25,236+ unique visitors within the first year of its development.
  • Live Better sold out their 2021 Fall Retreat (first retreat in 2 years) by doubling the amount of retreat participants from previous years, due to their new website launch and elevated TikTok presence.
  • When Fueled by AF launched their new website in April, 15k boxes were ordered, and by August 4th they were all sold out. This client went on to win $75k in a pitch competition using their refreshed branding and playbook design done by Isla Luna Studio. Fueled by AF was also accepted into Target’s accelerator program with products now being placed into Target nationwide.
  • Eat Omega3 won $20k at a pitch deck competition with updated branding and website design. We helped to establish ongoing customer education on sustainable practices across all digital platforms, which helped the client obtain a 1% For the Planet certification.
  • RMCM Salon has attracted 1.2M monthly views on Pinterest in less than 8 months of starting on the platform and working with Isla Luna Studio.

How big is your team?

Our core team is made up of four members — Paige, co-founder and brand director, Kayle, co-founder and creative director, Caroline, brand manager and Riley, marketing coordinator. But we also partner with so many other talented individuals, from SEO experts, copywriters, animation artists, photographers, content creators, videographers and more. Read more details about our team here!

Hopefully that gives you a better understanding of Isla Luna Studio, our services, who we set out to be and the clients we enjoy working with. If you still have questions, feel free to email us at or DM us on Instagram!


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